My involvement with horses

Before meeting my wife my knowledge of equestrian arts was limited to knowing the front end of a horse from its back end. Since then my meager knowledge has been added to and a year after marriage I became the proud owner of a horse.


Rocky Rocky

His name was Rocky (nicknamed Granite), he was 15 hands 3 inches in height (4 inches to the hand), 15 years old (1998) and an appaloosa (he has spots) gelding (castrated male horse). So far everybody has remarked on the lovely color of his coat, and all the knowledgeable people have not approved of his conformation (how the horse is put together), though some like his neck.

Rocky was a fairly experienced horse having participated in pony club and stock work (herding cows etc).

Personality wise, Rocky was a friendly horse, but not soppily affectionate. He was very quiet and resposive to aids (signals between horse and rider) when correctly given. However, he was not a very brave horse and was very protective of his rider. Thus suiting this complete beginner down to the ground.

Sadly, Rocky had to be put down in 2001, after losing a bout with cancer.



My Wife owns two horses: Misty and Highlander (Laddie).


Tania and Laddie

Laddie is my wife's new horse. In a previous life he was a successful steeple chaser ... then a show hack and is soon to be eventer. We acquired him in mid 1999 and we hope that he will grow a tail soon. Like many thoroughbreds Laddie is sensitive and a bit more highly strung than Rocky.

Laddie has a star (a white marking in the center of his forehead), a snip (a white marking on his nose) and three white socks (white ankles).


Misty Misty

Misty, my wife's other horse, is a well conformed bay (brown coat with black mane and tail) mare (female horse). Technically, Misty is a pony (less than 14 hands 2 inches).

Misty was the most educated (knows the most dressage movements) of the horses until Laddie turned up - they are both at approximately the same level.


Misty retired from competition but continued to be riden around the farm until her death in 2004.