Notes on OpenSolaris: ZFS boot mirror

After some fruitless hours following the instructions in trying to add an identical scsi disk to my SPARC boot mirror. The issue was wholely connected to labelling the disks and consisted of 2 parts:

  1. An SMI label is reqired (sometimes known as a traditional Solaris VTOC)
  2. The whole disk must be covered by the first slice in the label

Please note that this procedure will allow you to attach the mirror disk, but there still may be issues relating to bug 6680633. The best solution appears to be creating the mirror at install time by selecting 2 disks in the installer

I discovered the following:

Step 1: Fix the boot label on the disk (You need to write an SMI label to the disk covering all the blocks)

Step 2: Add the disk to the rpool

Step 3: Add the the boot blocks (this should not be needed soon see bug 6668666)

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