Photos from Events

  • Selected photos of our horses
  • Easter weekend at Buchan Maurice and Bollinger competed in the one day event and Tania took Bollinger in the gymkhana run by the Buchan Pony Club
  • CEC Field Day 10/05/2008 Dr Christine Jones spoke on carbon sequestration in soils more information is available at her web site in our indoor at Labertouche, Victoria.
  • Photos from the SAGE-AU Victorian Mini Conference 2008 which Maurice helped to run
  • On Feburary 7, 2009 the Bunyip State forest fire broke out of containment. Family are alive and well, the horses are Ok (Bollinger has some smoke inhalation but is recieving treatment) and the house survived. Some photos of the lead up and damage to the property at Labertouche are provided. The arena took some damage with insulation and some laserlight roofing catching alight and one metal halide light burning. On Sunday, we managed to catch the start of a fire in the shavings in one of the stables before it took hold.
  • Tania has a new horse Ceejay Park Spielberg (AWHA C J Park Spielberg). Harry is a 5 year old 15.2hh Warmblood trained by Michelle Turner. He moved to Labertouche on Monday 27 July 2009.
  • Speilberg won his first preliminary dressage competition on Sunday 20 December 2009 at Sale. He also lept out of the arena in the first test - but we are not going to talk about that.
  • Three years have passed since the fires and our horse facilities are all ahead of where we were before the fire.
  • Tania has a new horse named Ragamuffin R (now known as Muffi (with an I)) from Wyndarah Performance Horses un Yarramalong NSW on 8 December 2012