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Maurice Castro

I am a computer scientist working in the areas of

  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Applications of Cryptography
and have experience in developing for diverse systems ranging from embedded systems through to designing massively scalable distributed computers.

Gatso Australia Sensys Gatso Group
I am a member of a number of professional orgranisations including:
  • ITPA - Information Technology Professinals Associataion (formerly SAGE-AU - Systems Administrator's Guild of Australia)
  • VicFUG - Victorian FreeBSD Users Group
  • MSOSUG - Melbourne Solaris and Open Solaris Users Group
  • ACM - Association of Computing Machinery
  • IEEE-CS - IEEE Computer Society
member of
I hold qualifications including:
  • PhD MBA BSc(hons)
  • IPv6 Certification
member of
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A brief personal history can be found in my biography (as well as a table of my work history), my thesis work is described in the walnut kernel documents, education is listed in my educational summary and my publications are listed in my bibliography. Information about my books is available including some support materials and on-line editions.

My wife and I have horses and do dressage.


You can leave a message for me using this web form.


       There are only 3 numbers in Computer Science: Zero, One and "N".
                                        -- Maurice Castro

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