Assembly Language and Architecture

`Assembly Language and Architecture' (ISBN: 0 646 28775 3) was written by Maurice Castro to support the course `CSC2010 Computer Architecture' at Monash University in 1995-1996. The book is unusual as it teaches 80386 assembly language using the AT&T synax rather than the more common Intel syntax. AT&T syntax is particularly significant as it is used by the GNU assembler.

The complete text of Assembly Language and Architecture Second Student Edition is available

A revised version of the assembly language component of the course is also available

The author can be reached via the web form. Individiuals are free to use this material for self education purposes. Corperations, Universities, Schools, and Colleges, please contact the author before using this material in courses.

Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
Author Maurice Castro

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