I just completed my upgrade to OS X Mavericks and so far have hit 3 glitches:
  • Install hung
  • Can’t search contacts
  • Realmac Clear for Mac goes non-responsive
Apart from these issues so far so good.
While installing the OS I hit a snag with the last part of the install where I sat at 1 minute to go for an awfully long while ... in fact after 30 minutes I gave up and closed the installer - making sure I had selected a boot disk; a bit of fiddling later and I had a working system again (had to create a new administrator user and then delete it) - my guess is that the install process had a problem with moving my user.

Leading to my next to issues:
  • Clear hangs - it really is a very nice reminder program and I have logged a support request with Realmac
  • Apple Contacts allows me to scroll around my contacts but as soon as I type anything in the search box I get a spinning beach ball - I have not been able to log a request with Apple yet - they tend to regard this as a support issue that is either covered under you warranty or discourage you seeking their help - to be fair it isn’t a paid upgrade and other companies have similar policies.

Interestingly this could be an iCloud problem - as both services use iCloud

I will resume my testing.