As part of improving my reporting of Nagios alerts I decided to try using the Growl framework via Prowl to my iPhone. This was precisely the wrong time to do so as Apple is having an extended down time on their developer centre and a certificate renewal and hence his push notifications are not working. I have to praise the developer of Prowl as in spite of his obvious frustrations he has used Twitter to keep his users informed in a humorous and effective way. This is one of the best examples of handling a fault that is out of your control and crippling to your business that I have seen.
Prowl ( extends the Growl notification framework ( to the iPhone and iPad using Apple’s push notification service. An excellent example of its use is for Nagios notifications ( as an alternative and / or extension to push e-mails and SMS messages allowing more control over the presentation of those messages on a mobile device and as part of a communication escalation strategy.

Apparently Apple’s Developer Centre is down due to a security breach, his security certificate was due for renewal and as a result push notifications for his app are not working and haven’t been for the last 5 days. Not a great moment to test this application.

However, I have nothing but praise for his attention to communicating with his customers. Once per day he updates about his progress / lack of progress with Apple via a simple tweet. Simple timely updates - excellent work @prowlapp in trying times.