Why sysadmins hate it when it rains …

It rained today … and rain equals pain in the world of systems administration and telecommunications. Bad things happen when it rains ...
When it rains our woes range from:

  • The annoying: If you work in the world of ADSL and telecommunications rain increases the number of calls about non-working services. Water ingress may cause hard to find intermittent service faults for days. Water gets in to places it should not:

    • Water will go uphill with a stiff enough breeze.
    • Water will penetrate water proof gaskets, tape, silicon etc given sufficient time.
    • Water will carry salt with it an create a short circuit.

  • The serious: Serious rain may result in water in your datacenter. It doesn’t seem to mater what floor you are on. I have seen water come in from the roof due to blocked gutters on the top floor and back up through the drains from blocked storm water drains on the first floor. Water in your DC can be a serious hazard to business continuity as it threatens UPSs and power distribution

I hate it when it rains.