Mavericks - Part 2

At least a partial solution to the problem with Contacts (AddressBook) has been found ... apparently my Library file was marked with an schg flag - this really upset iCloud.
The clue was found in the console:

24/10/2013 12:38:46.908 am xpcd[5088]:[6582]: registration request failed: (0x11, 0x0) You don’t have permission to save the file “Application Support” in the folder “Library”.

The solution was to check the flags on the Library directory using the
ls -lO command and fix the problem using chflags noschg ~/Library as root.

Still having some problems with Clear but now my contacts (AddressBook) works.

Update: Realmac Software came through with a quick and through process for getting Clear working once the iCloud update issue was fixed. I am once again “Clear” of problems.