DFRobot Xhouse

DFRobot (www.dfrobot.com) have a demonstration iPhone App and software for their Xboard series of devices. Apart from a small issue with a cable the Xhouse demo project was a fun little diversion - easily built and potentially useful.
The Xboard - in particular the Xboard relay - are Arduino Leonardo clones that have matching sensors and are easily programmed by the standard Arduino software.

The project I put together (http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=DFblog/blog&id=115, Xhouse sample code and libraries) used

The only problem with construction is that the cable supplied with the DHT11 was incorrectly wired - if I had not checked it would have connected the 5V and the GND as supplied by the Xboard around the wrong way!

If you look at the instructions you will see that Xboard (below) provides GND at the outside of the 3 pin connector and PWR in the middle the cable supplied (above) needs one end swapped around to make it work.

Apart from this one manufacturing error the project was easily assembled and did what was expected. The Xboard relay also looks to be a cost effective ethernet providing Arduino. It will be interesting to see what else they can do as the iPhone app supplied appears to have many more functions than just the simple demo program supports.

A local copy of the source can be found at http://www.castro.aus.net/~maurice/OddsAndEnds/resources/iOStoXboard.zip