Adding an NFS datastore to VMWare ESXi

VMWare ESXi supports NFS storage. All the VMWare documents talk about managing it from vSphere. Which is a pity if you don't happen to be using vSphere. Fortunately adding your NFS datastore is relatively simple, apart from the lack of documentation. Read More...

Using a docker private registry with vctl

Currently I am using VMWare Fusion's vctl to run containers on my Mac. It has been surprisingly compatible with the Docker desktop, but occasionally you run into an issue.

I am currently using an unencrypted local repository and you get errors like:

% vctl login
INFO Login to
Username: maurice
Password for maurice:
INFO Error logging in to v2 endpoint, trying next endpoint: Get http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
ERROR Get http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

The answer is trivial but literally buried at the end of the help for the login command:

vctl login --http my-plain-http-registry.com:5000

You will need to sprinkle the --http flag around your later commands too.

This was going to be an article about the tool skopeo (https://github.com/containers/skopeo) allows a user to copy from one repository to other formats, and I have included that for interest. Read More...

Resizing Root on LVM

One of the advantages of using virtual machines is that you can easily create templates which you reproduce as needed. Of course the file systems are rarely the size you need them to be.

Fortunately, if you have either XFS or ext4 installed on LVM, expanding the root file system is fairly easy. Read More...

HID Devices under VMWare

How do you configure a HID device using Windows under VMWare Fusion?

My new X-Bows Ergonomic keyboard turned up, but I opted for the version with the original firmware with multicoloured lights.


Unfortunately the dev working on the multi-platform configuration software didn't finish that bit. So I have to use a Windows based solution. The keyboard is not visible to the configuration software under VMWare until you make a few changes.

P2V a Linux box into VMWare

This really should be obvious and easy … after all everyone does it … but my Google Fu kept leading me to solutions that relied on having access to old versions of VMWare Converter.

But it really is easy by combining:
  • netcat; and,
  • qemu
P2V is simple.