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Network Administration

Accessing Apple from Australia

All I was trying to do was update my iPhone and iPad to 7.1, but I kept getting a server unavailable message. A ping to returned Communication prohibited by filter then the penny dropped someone at an ISP in the states was blackholing traffic to Apple.

Update (12:09 AM) There has been a suggestion that this is the result of DNS attack affecting some Apple domains ( which would have many of the same symptoms as being blackholed on the way to a legitimate location. The attackers were at least clever enough to make sure that the reverse address had something Apple related in it and at least in the case of the addresses I looked at addresses owned by Apple. Read More...

Why NAT is not a security mechanism

All too frequently I see articles that refer to Network Address Technology (NAT) as a security mechanism. Let us be clear NAT has nothing to do with strengthening security and an awful lot to do with weakening it. Read More...