OSX High Sierra - the missing utils

The missing utilities

Following the official demise of PPTP a few updates ago Apple seems to have continued retiring features in High Sierra. In particular High Sierra has dropped a couple of utilities that we dinosaurs still use:
  • telnet
  • ftp
Whilst old and not supporting the shiniest security models they are still needed for debugging and ensuring that backward compatible systems remain that way. Read More...

SCM Manager on a Mac with a Letsencrypt certificate

SCM Manager

SCM Manager (https://www.scm-manager.org) manages source code repositories. It support GIT, Mercurial and SVN. Whilst initial installation on OS X was simple there were a number of difficulties in getting to a best practice installation. In particular using external certificates from Lets Encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org) was non-trivial. Read More...

Proxying internal websites via OS X Server

Proxying internal websites via OS X Server

After rearranging my network to use an OS X server for my main web server there were a few web based systems that I need to expose to the outside world. The advice on Reverse Proxy with macOS Server (http://stationinthemetro.com/2017/05/02/reverse-proxy-with-macos-server) by Mark Boszko worked for me. Read More...

Real SSL Certificates for OS X Server

Real SSL Certificates for OS X Server

LetsEncrypt (https://letsencrypt.org) has a mission of moving unencrypted Internet traffic to encrypted Internet traffic. They do this through relatively short lived SSL certificates. So an automated process for setting up and maintaining them is vital.

On shifting my web site to OS X server I also adopted LetsEncrypt and its Certbot. Read More...

OS X Server

OS X Server

While configuring OS X server (Sierra) I had to gather together a fair number of additional facts to finish configuration:
  • Port forwarding
  • Disabling default wiki


Mavericks - Part 3

Another upgrade gotcha - for some reason after a upgrade I seem to have my power on after power failure setting cleared - so make sure that you check this if your computer is supposed to power up after a power failure. Read More...

Mavericks - Part 2

At least a partial solution to the problem with Contacts (AddressBook) has been found ... apparently my Library file was marked with an schg flag - this really upset iCloud. Read More...


I just completed my upgrade to OS X Mavericks and so far have hit 3 glitches:
  • Install hung
  • Can’t search contacts
  • Realmac Clear for Mac goes non-responsive
Apart from these issues so far so good.