The Scientific Attitude

I self identify as a scientist - my qualifications are in computer science - and have an interest in what it is that defines this thing I claim to be. The philosophy of science has had significant disagreements in the past about what is and what is not science. Lee McIntyre in his book “The Scientific Attitude” sets out a new theory of what it is that makes science science.

Like Lee McIntyre for me Science is something special; unique in its personal demands about integrity and honesty … bias has been understood by scientists a long time before it got popularised in management books.

For me science has best been summarised by its harsh requirements on its adherents:

If the evidence goes against your beliefs, your beliefs must change

Well worth the read for those interested in the philosophy of science
  • Clear, well argued and temptingly close to my previous beliefs - certainly.
  • A new philosophy of science - maybe.