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UPS on FreeBSD

Last night my long serving brick of a UPS died ... and to put it bluntly I feel almost naked without a UPS protecting my home server. This left the question of what to acquire. Top of my list of priorities was to have a serial interface - USB is just too painful to contemplate after the last time I configured a UPS on FreeBSD (Another CyberPower I blogged about in January 2013) and it would be nice if it worked with Network UPS Tools (NUT).

I ended up acquiring a CyberPower Value1200eLCD - and managed to get it working on FreeBSD ... but not with NUT apparently the people at CyberPower have backed away from the openness that they once embraced and also changed their protocols.

Wierd behaviour of Cyberpower UPS

After finally getting sick of watching RAID rebuilds I bit the bullet and installed a Cyberpower BR850ELCD UPS on my FreeBSD monitoring box. Given I bought what I could find at the instant - there was an immediate threat to the stability of my power - and there were no available serial ports on the monitoring server we took the best available compromise especially as there we could also detect power failures via the network. Naturally, things did not go smoothly... Read More...

Oops - Undeleting a file on Freebsd

A perfect storm of filename completion and inattention resulted in the deletion of a C source code file yesterday (.core starts with .c). As a result I had to find a way to “undelete” a file from a FreeBSD system. Read More...