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Perl on BSD talking to MS-SQL Server

A lot of broadcast monitoring equipment seems to use Microsoft SQL Server as backend for storing alerts and other data. As we use a FreeBSD based monitoring box it proved necessary to find a way of accessing these servers via ODBC. Read More...

Rsync on Windows

Rsync is probably one of the most useful tools for moving / synchronising files at reasonable bandwidth speed.

One particularly useful trick to reduce down time for daemons when moving their storage is to initially copy their file store while the daemon is running, take the daemon down, then sync the file store before bringing the daemon up. The down time of the daemon is vastly reduced as you only need to copy the changed data.

Thanks to Cygwin this tool can be enjoyed on Windows as well as Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOSX etc the only trick is how do you access windows drives in a Unix like way. Read More...