Why NAT is not a security mechanism

All too frequently I see articles that refer to Network Address Technology (NAT) as a security mechanism. Let us be clear NAT has nothing to do with strengthening security and an awful lot to do with weakening it. Read More...

UPS on FreeBSD

Last night my long serving brick of a UPS died ... and to put it bluntly I feel almost naked without a UPS protecting my home server. This left the question of what to acquire. Top of my list of priorities was to have a serial interface - USB is just too painful to contemplate after the last time I configured a UPS on FreeBSD (Another CyberPower I blogged about in January 2013) and it would be nice if it worked with Network UPS Tools (NUT).

I ended up acquiring a CyberPower Value1200eLCD - and managed to get it working on FreeBSD ... but not with NUT apparently the people at CyberPower have backed away from the openness that they once embraced and also changed their protocols.

Mavericks - Part 2

At least a partial solution to the problem with Contacts (AddressBook) has been found ... apparently my Library file was marked with an schg flag - this really upset iCloud. Read More...


I just completed my upgrade to OS X Mavericks and so far have hit 3 glitches:
  • Install hung
  • Can’t search contacts
  • Realmac Clear for Mac goes non-responsive
Apart from these issues so far so good.

The humble tent peg

Somewhere in the dim past as a scout I remember seeing a diagram about how to use a tent peg … one would have thought such a simple bit of equipment would not need much explanation and people would use them correctly … but no I keep bumping into incorrectly used pegs … the major point here is that correct use is not actually obvious even as simple as a tent peg. Read More...