Video Conferencing Cameras

Video Conferencing Cameras

With COVID-19 video conferencing has become de-rigour. I admit being quite impressed with Zoom's background replacement when I saw it the first time. But now I watch for artefacts in the video, moments when the foreground and background are mistaken.

A recent Skype conference introduced me to blurring backgrounds. This merges background replacement with a blur filter for the background elements. This implementation retains the same artefacts.

Which brings us to the grand irony: Skype is solving a problem that a different camera would have solved. Read More...

HID Devices under VMWare

How do you configure a HID device using Windows under VMWare Fusion?

My new X-Bows Ergonomic keyboard turned up, but I opted for the version with the original firmware with multicoloured lights.


Unfortunately the dev working on the multi-platform configuration software didn't finish that bit. So I have to use a Windows based solution. The keyboard is not visible to the configuration software under VMWare until you make a few changes.