Lacie 2Big NAS

I purchased a Lacie 2Big NAS to act as backup storage - it was quiet and nicely designed - it fitted into a home environment. Unfortunately, the device only offered email notifications of failure - which didn’t fit well against my Nagios based monitoring approach. A bit of protocol reverse engineering and studying their released sources resulted in a Nagios plugin that could monitor the NAS’s health.

In its published sources Lacie includes a tool called Ajaxplorer which includes significant clues as to their authentication scheme which they describe in the header as HMAC-SHA1-DATE. This with a collection of Wireshark dumps of the unencrypted web access of a browser to the NAS allowed the protocol to be implemented as a python script and made into a plugin for Nagios.

The file implements a Nagios plugin which implements Lacie’s authentication protocol and retrieves the health status from the 2Big NAS.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the authentication process won’t change in the future. In the meantime I can at least be confident that my NAS is “healthy”