Legacy FreeBSD Eleven and Etherten Serial Support

Freetronics (www.freetronics.com) builds a range of Arduino compatible devices in particular the Etherten and the Eleven. FreeBSD’s (www.freebsd.org) does not natively support the serial interface of these devices. Fortunately the uarduno (mrp3.com/uarduno-1.02.tar.gz) port does and I am happy to report that this works on FreeBSD 5.4 and works at least with Etherten and probably with the Eleven with a trivial addition to its configuration file.
The secret to recognising the Etherten and the Eleven devices are to add to the ids.h or ids.txt file

{ 0x2341, 0x0042 }, // Arduino MEGA (rev 3), vendor 2341H, product 0042H
{ 0x2341, 0x0043 }, // Arduino UNO (rev 3), vendor 2341H, product 0043H
{ 0x2341, 0x0010 }, // Arduino MEGA 2560 R3, vendor 2341H, product 0010H
{ 0x20a0, 0x4150 }, // Etherten, vendor 0x20a0, product 0x4150
{ 0x26ba, 0x0003 }, // Eleven, vendor 0x26ba, product 0x0003

then it is a trivial matter of building the driver, copying it to /boot/kernel, loading the driver with kldload and plugging in the device.

cp uarduno.ko /boot/kernel
kldload uarduno

And it works under FreeBSD-5.4.