Video Conferencing Cameras

Video Conferencing Cameras

With COVID-19 video conferencing has become de-rigour. I admit being quite impressed with Zoom's background replacement when I saw it the first time. But now I watch for artefacts in the video, moments when the foreground and background are mistaken.

A recent Skype conference introduced me to blurring backgrounds. This merges background replacement with a blur filter for the background elements. This implementation retains the same artefacts.

Which brings us to the grand irony: Skype is solving a problem that a different camera would have solved.
Current video conferencing cameras generally have great depth of field, greater sensitivity to light and limited focusing capabilities.

Older style cameras with shallow depth of field (and a greater need to focus) would have blurred the back ground with no artefacts.

Ironically we have had to devote a lot of clever image processing to almost recreate the look of an older less capable camera