Fluid: not quite there

After testing fluid for a couple of hours I found that it had a number of problems with some of the web sites I was most interested in wrapping up; but would probably work fine for other commercial web sites.
The key problem is that Fluid does not currently properly support self-signed certificates. In particular it won’t remember passwords for SSL protected web sites which use a self-signed certificate. This is tolerable for sites that don’t self reload; but if the site reloads itself via header refresh then you are re-prompted for a password. Unfortunately, I use this cheap and nasty technique a lot in our in-house web applications.

I did find that Fluid worked well for wrapping Feedly and other ajax web applications; but it just lost its best-thing-since-sliced-bread status.

Based on CC-BY-SA-2.0 http://flickr.com/photos/22598380@N07/2232778800