TAM horror

My FRITZ!Box has been getting empty answering machine messages! One every 45 minutes. It turns out that Telstra has a potentially useful service that delivers SMS messages as voice messages. Unfortunately, figuring the service out is less easy.
The FRITZ!Box answering machine conveniently emails me when it records a message and because Telstra attached a CLI number to it I could Google for the number and determine how to stop the periodic calls.

Every 45 minutes the service calls from 0198339100 and hopes you pick up the phone. If you are unlucky your answering machine picks up the phone and you get a message full of ring tone.

The solution to the continuing calls appears to be to call 0198339999 and pick up the message.

So why is this blog worthy? An amazing series of unlikely things had to happen so that I could figure out what was going on and fix it:

  1. Telstra had to deliver a CLI number with the call - Telstra is one of the few telcos in Australia that actually expect you to subscribe (i.e. not just throw it in for free) to their CLI service - needless to say we don’t subscribe so that we got a CLI id was an unusual event
  2. When I put the calling number into Google I actually got a hit on a Telstra web site
  3. Even more amazingly it was the Telstra Crowd Support website (https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/T-Hub/Repeated-calls-from-0198339100-sms-delivery-service/td-p/92910)
  4. And to top it off the question was not only answered, but contained the answer I was looking for and from a Telstra staff member
Of course it would have been better if an official Telstra FAQ would have been found by Google and ranked higher … but that would truly push credulity.