Vale Charlie Bravo

Yesterday, Thursday 11 April 2013, we put down a member of our herd - Charlie Bravo - a warmblood we acquired approximately a decade ago but knew a few years earlier.

After we acquired Bollinger, Tania decided that she was tired of sharing my horse (it didn’t take very long), and went on a search for a new horse for her. At the time we were adjisting with Tony Uytendaal at Pearcedale, Victoria. Charlie had been with Tony for a number of years earlier - he lived up in one of the quiet paddocks at the back of the property but had gone off the property to stay with a friend of his then owner. We acquired Charlie and he moved back in to the top paddock. Later he moved to Labertouche with our other horses where he is now interred. He is survived by Highlander (Laddie), Diamond B Bollinger, CJP Spielberg (Harry) and the recently arrived Ironhorse Little Secret (Blue); Ragmuffin R (Muffi) will be permanently joining the herd when she returns from training.

Charlie was an excellent teacher, sensitive, but tolerant. He could pop off a change easily making learning the aids easy. Our dark brown friend will be missed.