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IPSec between a FRITZ!Box and a Mikrotik

Due to the death of my FreeBSD router out at the farm a replacement was required. A Mikrotik Router was purchased (because of its compatibility with IPv6) and then the IPSec tunnel adventure began… Read More...

P2V a Linux box into VMWare

This really should be obvious and easy … after all everyone does it … but my Google Fu kept leading me to solutions that relied on having access to old versions of VMWare Converter.

But it really is easy by combining:
  • netcat; and,
  • qemu
P2V is simple.

TAM horror

My FRITZ!Box has been getting empty answering machine messages! One every 45 minutes. It turns out that Telstra has a potentially useful service that delivers SMS messages as voice messages. Unfortunately, figuring the service out is less easy. Read More...


I recently acquired a FRITZ!Box 7272 with the aim to replace my m0nowall firewall and ADSL router. The original idea was to simplify and hence improve my IPv6 connection to Internode and use the FRITZ!Box’s phone and Fax services on my fixed line. The catch is that I run a permanent LAN to LAN VPN connection between my house and the farm … and the FRITZ!Box was going to have to do this. Read More...

Tronixlabs LCD Backpack

For my Raspberry Pi GPS NTP server project I found it useful to have a display available to put up simple status messages for example the IP address and the output of ntpq.

To that end I purchased a Serial I2C backpack for HD44780-compatible LCD modules from Tronixlabs. Although they provide a tutorial for the use of these devices I had greater success with a different Python library. Read More...