Security messaging

Today my Synology Disk Station started telling me that it was blocking someone who was trying to brute force my admin account. It is not going to work. My admin account is disabled and has been since before the device was internet accessible, and probably will not be re-enabled unless it is needed by Synology support.

The problem is that the disk station is telling me it is being attacked and blocking it.

Do I want to know about an attack with no chance of success? and that the device knows has no chance of success at the moment.

Verifying and Getting the contents of a P7S signed SMIME file

P7S Signatures are fairly common but it is really hard to find the OpenSSL one liner that just gets you the content. So rather than doing something evil with dd (the signature is 171 bytes and the header 3 bytes) lets do it properly with OpenSSL. Read More...

Five minute intro to debuggers for Go

What should be written on the Golang / Go debugger box

The out of the box experience of debugging Go on a Mac was a tad disappointing. I was expecting to be able to type my usual list command and throw in a few break points and get started.

Firstly, gdb is no longer installed by default with the developer tools (apparently it works but …), and secondly lldb (which is installed by default) could not even list the code.

Delve (dlv)

Next up was dlv ( which is designed for Go.

This short article will cover the few things I found out the hard way that would have speeded up the experience of getting started with this debugger.

Kubernetes Monitoring

I still use Icinga2 for monitoring my home network. I haven't got annoyed enough with it to move to anything else. The plugin that monitors my microk8s cluster is a bit simplistic it simply checks a number read from the interface and if its bigger than a threshold then its a warning or an error.

The catch is that Kubernetes never resets the number of restarts of a pod … so you can't clear the error state. This is apparently by design as pods are disposable items.

Deployments come to our rescue here allowing us to recreate the pods and hence reset their restart count.

Rube Goldberg would be proud ...

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who has a character that invented fantastic chain reaction machines. I may have been channelling his muse for inspiration in getting around my latest NBN failure:
  1. We moved house (Note: there is no such thing as an NBN relocation … its a fiction … its a cancellation and a new connection)
  2. When people order a static IP they really want the same one when they relocate it (see 1)
  3. The Sparkies came, the modem was turned off for a couple of hours … things didn't come back
On the Friday afternoon before a long weekend …

And so it begins …